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A full April, continued (part 2)

At this point, after a couple recording days, I had hours of audio to sort through, several pieces from Eastman and several from Roth Händle, though I had to wait for the files from Mattias Olsson because he likes to

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Shine Out

I have a new record out! The official release date is February 10 2014, for no good reason. The album is called “Shine Out“. It was made relatively quickly (for me); it only took about 6 months! Entirely DIY. This

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The last entry here happened sometime in early October (2013), and then I was back in school and being a dad all fall. I’m done with the “Swedish as a Second Language Ground level” courses now, as of the beginning

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September, Part 2

I took the replacement van back to SFO the next day to turn it in after unloading the gear and putting in the old van’s seats. They were a little unorganized at airport van rentals, but whatever. The people in

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September, the transitional month…Part 1

I’m repeating myself here from the previous post a bit, but so be it. I’ve been meaning to catch up on blog-writing—my monthly entry!—to describe the last bits of touring for the year and the state of things in Stockholm.

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I like to kick! And stretch. And Kick!

Last year I wrote a blog about aging rock musicians. I was turning 49. Today I turn 50! Like good wine, they say, you know… it turns to vinegar if it’s not kept well. I always get depressed on my

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…trying to keep up on tour diaries, post-facto

I made it to San Francisco, once again last night. I meant to write about the last tours that Camper Van Beethoven did, but I got sidetracked by writing about Pandora and streaming royalties, which got a lot of people

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photo by Ian Weintraub

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