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A full April, continued (part 2)

At this point, after a couple recording days, I had hours of audio to sort through, several pieces from Eastman and several from Roth Händle, though I had to wait for the files from Mattias Olsson because he likes to

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Shine Out

I have a new record out! The official release date is February 10 2014, for no good reason. The album is called “Shine Out“. It was made relatively quickly (for me); it only took about 6 months! Entirely DIY. This

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The last entry here happened sometime in early October (2013), and then I was back in school and being a dad all fall. I’m done with the “Swedish as a Second Language Ground level” courses now, as of the beginning

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September, Part 2

I took the replacement van back to SFO the next day to turn it in after unloading the gear and putting in the old van’s seats. They were a little unorganized at airport van rentals, but whatever. The people in

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September, the transitional month…Part 1

I’m repeating myself here from the previous post a bit, but so be it. I’ve been meaning to catch up on blog-writing—my monthly entry!—to describe the last bits of touring for the year and the state of things in Stockholm.

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I like to kick! And stretch. And Kick!

Last year I wrote a blog about aging rock musicians. I was turning 49. Today I turn 50! Like good wine, they say, you know… it turns to vinegar if it’s not kept well. I always get depressed on my

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…trying to keep up on tour diaries, post-facto

I made it to San Francisco, once again last night. I meant to write about the last tours that Camper Van Beethoven did, but I got sidetracked by writing about Pandora and streaming royalties, which got a lot of people

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Some Bits of Tour Diary, etc: February 2013

—mellan vagn och plattform— I forgot to mention the coolest thing about the flight back from London to Stockholm was that after waiting in Heathrow for hours and watching Californication on the computer, Natascha McElhone sat behind me on the

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December in Sweden

Hello, it’s December. In fact it’s the 17th, and here in Stockholm the day became shortest on Dec 13, and continues to be about 4 or 5 hours of sunlight until the solstice, then it starts to increase again. On

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Losing my house (part one million) & New Starts

I don’t know where I left off with the story of my house in Oakland, anyway it’s been listed on the real estate market since May, it’s now mid-November. I *believe* it will close on Friday, we finally got the

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photo by Ian Weintraub

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