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Digging holes, filling them up again.

No more hobbies. I guess I’m done. I just saw an ad for an old guitar case (just the case!) for $10,000. I think that’s the turning point on trying to be involved in the “Vintage Instrument” world. I have

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Literally, Superfluous.

It’s Monday today. Last Friday afternoon I was home waiting for a call from WORT radio in Madison WI, to do an interview about music, specifically about my latest release “Superfluity”. The phone rang and it was my wife who

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Shine Out

I have a new record out! The official release date is February 10 2014, for no good reason. The album is called “Shine Out“. It was made relatively quickly (for me); it only took about 6 months! Entirely DIY. This

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The last entry here happened sometime in early October (2013), and then I was back in school and being a dad all fall. I’m done with the “Swedish as a Second Language Ground level” courses now, as of the beginning

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September, Part 2

I took the replacement van back to SFO the next day to turn it in after unloading the gear and putting in the old van’s seats. They were a little unorganized at airport van rentals, but whatever. The people in

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September, the transitional month…Part 1

I’m repeating myself here from the previous post a bit, but so be it. I’ve been meaning to catch up on blog-writing—my monthly entry!—to describe the last bits of touring for the year and the state of things in Stockholm.

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Some Bits of Tour Diary, etc: February 2013

—mellan vagn och plattform— I forgot to mention the coolest thing about the flight back from London to Stockholm was that after waiting in Heathrow for hours and watching Californication on the computer, Natascha McElhone sat behind me on the

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More notes on being an immigrant in Sweden

Sweden is a good country. Right? I mean, they are the sort of collectivist society that actually believes that all people should have a decent standard of living, while being an individualist society that believes in every person’s right to

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Perhaps I was always headed back to Europe; I was born in Marseilles in 1963 while my parents were on sabbatical. I lived in France for less than 2  years, though, so I have no memory of it. We moved

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dunno why the nadder bitter

It wasn’t one of the vipers we knew, we know where many of them live, and see them. In general they avoid you, and usually will not even bite unless provoked, like picked up or stepped on. We don’t do

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photo by Ian Weintraub

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