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Digging holes, filling them up again.

No more hobbies. I guess I’m done. I just saw an ad for an old guitar case (just the case!) for $10,000. I think that’s the turning point on trying to be involved in the “Vintage Instrument” world. I have

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Very Brief Tour Diary, Winter 2016-17

From Dec 27, 2016 to Jan 21, 2017, I was on tour with Camper Van Beethoven (playing with Cracker, as per usual) in the United States. Overall, this was an amazing tour, not just from the point of view of

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September in the Desert

Aside from a visit from my dad in Stockholm, we spent most of the summer out in the country, so I admit that while I tried to practice enough for tour in September, my fingertips weren’t sufficiently calloused. I was looking

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The last entry here happened sometime in early October (2013), and then I was back in school and being a dad all fall. I’m done with the “Swedish as a Second Language Ground level” courses now, as of the beginning

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Les Paul, Les Paul, Les Paul!

It’s weird how some guy’s name is now a guitar. I just jokingly posted on FB that after reading “The Beauty of the Burst“, a book about the specific Gibson Les Paul Standard models made between 1958 and 1960, I

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Losing my house (part one million) & New Starts

I don’t know where I left off with the story of my house in Oakland, anyway it’s been listed on the real estate market since May, it’s now mid-November. I *believe* it will close on Friday, we finally got the

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More notes on being an immigrant in Sweden

Sweden is a good country. Right? I mean, they are the sort of collectivist society that actually believes that all people should have a decent standard of living, while being an individualist society that believes in every person’s right to

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There and back again

Here is a very banal blog entry, simply about the things I have been doing lately. I had to go back to California for 10 days (had to!) to play some shows with Camper Van Beethoven, then came home. It

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The Stratocaster and I

My first electric guitar was a Stratocaster. Well, OK, that’s not quite true: it was a copy of one, made by “Memphis” (from Japan). (Actually, that’s a lie as well, I briefly had a “Pan” brand SG copy before this,

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Perhaps I was always headed back to Europe; I was born in Marseilles in 1963 while my parents were on sabbatical. I lived in France for less than 2  years, though, so I have no memory of it. We moved

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photo by Ian Weintraub

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