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“I have nothing to say and I am saying it.”

…as John Cage said. So with that in mind, instead of writing a million more pages of words, like I did last time, I’m just going to put links to recent music here for you folks to peruse. Here’s the

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A Short Tour, part two

Returning to our lovely Vallejo Ramada Inn, we bought a six pack of Lagunitas IPA on the way, and when I went down to Chris’ room to pick one up, I ran into some 20-something kids on the stairs outside

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Shine Out

I have a new record out! The official release date is February 10 2014, for no good reason. The album is called “Shine Out“. It was made relatively quickly (for me); it only took about 6 months! Entirely DIY. This

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The Bass Guitar

I’ve been intending to write about the bass guitar for a while. The electric bass guitar. Isn’t it an amazing thing? And it’s only, what 60 years old or so? Imagine the happiness of bass players when they didn’t have

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Les Paul, Les Paul, Les Paul!

It’s weird how some guy’s name is now a guitar. I just jokingly posted on FB that after reading “The Beauty of the Burst“, a book about the specific Gibson Les Paul Standard models made between 1958 and 1960, I

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Acoustic Instruments

As I mentioned before, having started on classical guitars, and moving from there straight to electric guitars, it did actually take a while before I actually decided to get a real acoustic guitar. Since I was playing with Steve Cammack

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There and back again

Here is a very banal blog entry, simply about the things I have been doing lately. I had to go back to California for 10 days (had to!) to play some shows with Camper Van Beethoven, then came home. It

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photo by Ian Weintraub

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