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Listening to the first 100 Dark Stars

I have never been a big Deadhead, my relationship with the Grateful Dead’s music is long and varied, but for the most part I was never a big fan. I like some stuff, don’t like other stuff, didn’t like them

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Digging holes, filling them up again.

No more hobbies. I guess I’m done. I just saw an ad for an old guitar case (just the case!) for $10,000. I think that’s the turning point on trying to be involved in the “Vintage Instrument” world. I have

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Reblog from Scott Heller’s blog Interview with Jonathan Segel Scott Heller: Jonathan Segel is one of the most creative musicians that I have ever met and worked with.  Both of us are from California and only about week apart in age.  We first met

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Outside Inside

A new album, out August 7th, 2020! Whenever I make a new album of music I am so proud of it; it always feels like the best music in the world, the culmination of everything I have learned to write

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What’s all on that overcrowded Bandcamp page?

5 June 2020, Updating for 7 May 2021, it’s another of those first Fridays of the month when Bandcamp foregoes their share of sales and all proceeds go to the artist. It’s a good day to explore and buy new music.

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(Mostly) Universal Audio and mixing the space rock

It’s the end of an era. Well, for me anyway, in terms of mixing and recording audio. You see, for the past number of years, almost a decade now, I’ve been on the Universal Audio “Artist’s extended demo” roster for

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Songwriters and composers! April 22 2019 is the deadline!

Songwriters and composers, lend me your ears/eyes/brains for 20 minutes here, this is IMPORTANT and critically timely. And it affects writers globally, if your music is streamed in the US. Please take time to read this and research a bit.

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Links and still playing catch-up

[This is an amalgam of information from the front page of my website from the past few years, just gathered in one place toward the end of 2018. Here is info on my solo material, my work with Øresund Space

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2018 updates

Hi, it’s been over a year since I wrote anything here. Partially it was because I wrote that thing about the New Pornographers and then apparently AC Newman read it, and then I saw them play and talked to him

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The New Pornographers’ “Whiteout Conditions” and my interpretation thereof.

So far I’ve refrained from writing ‘reviews’ of albums or other music or bands to this extent. I’ve written an awful lot about music, of course, (well, mostly my own, see every other blog post) and its interpretation and/or effect,

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photo by Ian Weintraub

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