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September in the Desert

Aside from a visit from my dad in Stockholm, we spent most of the summer out in the country, so I admit that while I tried to practice enough for tour in September, my fingertips weren’t sufficiently calloused. I was looking

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A Short Tour, part two

Returning to our lovely Vallejo Ramada Inn, we bought a six pack of Lagunitas IPA on the way, and when I went down to Chris’ room to pick one up, I ran into some 20-something kids on the stairs outside

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September, Part 2

I took the replacement van back to SFO the next day to turn it in after unloading the gear and putting in the old van’s seats. They were a little unorganized at airport van rentals, but whatever. The people in

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September, the transitional month…Part 1

I’m repeating myself here from the previous post a bit, but so be it. I’ve been meaning to catch up on blog-writing—my monthly entry!—to describe the last bits of touring for the year and the state of things in Stockholm.

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Post-tour driving.

Camper’s last show on this Southwest tour was in Dallas, and I got to drive Victor’s car back to SF. Victor’s Ford Escape was used on the tour as a second vehicle: the primary vehicle was David’s Chevy Suburban with

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Backhanded validation, validation nonetheless.

Camper Van Beethoven is out on tour right now in the Southwest. We are supporting a new album, “La Costa Perdida” that came out earlier this year (and it is awesome, it literally inspires awe.) Also we are in our

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Some Bits of Tour Diary: January 2013

Here’s a brief recap of the first couple months of 2013. 2013, how’d we get here already? This is even after Arthur C Clarke’s 2001 AND 2010. And we’re still all here on planet earth. Anyway, after Christmas and before

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photo by Ian Weintraub

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