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September, the transitional month…Part 1

I’m repeating myself here from the previous post a bit, but so be it. I’ve been meaning to catch up on blog-writing—my monthly entry!—to describe the last bits of touring for the year and the state of things in Stockholm.

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And the rest of the Southwest Tour!

And then… we left Tucson. The show was not as spectacular as it could have been, maybe the rest of the potential audience were across the street at the Rialto Theater seeing Rancid, who knows. Or, our audience’s kids were

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Backhanded validation, validation nonetheless.

Camper Van Beethoven is out on tour right now in the Southwest. We are supporting a new album, “La Costa Perdida” that came out earlier this year (and it is awesome, it literally inspires awe.) Also we are in our

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Some Bits of Tour Diary, etc: February 2013

—mellan vagn och plattform— I forgot to mention the coolest thing about the flight back from London to Stockholm was that after waiting in Heathrow for hours and watching Californication on the computer, Natascha McElhone sat behind me on the

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Some Bits of Tour Diary: January 2013

Here’s a brief recap of the first couple months of 2013. 2013, how’d we get here already? This is even after Arthur C Clarke’s 2001 AND 2010. And we’re still all here on planet earth. Anyway, after Christmas and before

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about love songs: for Sanna’s birthday

This is an interview that is actually for next week, Valentine’s Day in specific. But today is my wife’s birthday, so it goes out to her. 1. what is your favorite love song (including who it’s by) and why? Please

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Magnet Magazine guest editorials, collected, in order.

Last week, January 28th to February 4th 2013, I was the “guest editor” for Magnet Magazine online. Basically this meant that I wrote a series of editorials about whatever things I wanted to. They had reviewed the new Camper Van Beethoven

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photo by Ian Weintraub

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