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[This is an amalgam of information from the front page of my website from the past few years, just gathered in one place toward the end of 2018. Here is info on my solo material, my work with Øresund Space Collective, Sista Maj, Camper Van Beethoven and others!]

From Feb 2017: “Superfluity” is out, it’s a 2-CD album, with artwork again by Richard Gann, this time with a four panel foldout cover. It’s out on FreeWorld/Floating World Records from London.

(Actually, now, a year and a half later, The Orchard has put the entire album on youtube, so I guess here you go):

Mastered by Gary Hobish at A. Hammer Mastering , a double album of songs of all sorts, lots of guitars, basses and drums, a little violin, and some beautiful singing from Kelly Atkins (from 20 Minute Loop Kitka and other projects!) and more cover art by Richard Gann.

It’s big, it’s massive, it has everything you have ever wanted in an album.

Look for it wherever records are sold (hah.)—and if they don’t have it, ask for it!

Nice reviews are coming in. totally gets it.

A great interview from StarTrip in Japan

Here’s a long interview about the writing of this album on Nakedly Examined Music

Superfluity CoverFinal

And there’s more. If you didn’t know before reading this here, there are more superfluous pieces that never made it into the stream of phenomenon and on. Outtakes from Superfluity. I gathered a bunch of them for you here, even more Superfluousness:


You can find free downloads of several things by Jonathan Segel & Band on Bandcamp. Here is an improvised concert at the Camp-Out XIII from Sept 1 2017 on bandcamp!


I’ve been working with the Øresund Space Collective for several years now, recording, performing, mixing, etc. Not on everything they (we) do, mind you, but many. All the vinyl is on Space Rock Productions/Sapphire Records. (Click for info)

Here are several of the Øresund Space Collective sessions I’ve played on (and mixed all of them at the Magnetic Satellite, except “Black Hole” which was mixed by Dr Space):


HallucinationsLivein BerlinKybalion Front

Different Creatures

Ode to a Black Hole

Visions Of…

ØSC/Maat Lander Split LP

Hallucinations Inside the Oracle

Live in Berlin 2018

and this winter: Kybalion


Sista Maj!

Sista Maj started on the last day of May in 2015, as a band it lasted about 3 years. The musicians are all busy with their myriad other projects, all of which are incredible.

Sista Maj started as a trio: Andreas Axelsson on drums, Mikael Tuominen on bass and other things, Jonathan Segel on guitar, violin and whatnot. Instrumental hypnotic intense psychedelic space rock in the grand Northern European tradition that runs from Krautrock to Swedish Progg. We got together to improvise, mostly, then sometimes take those improvisations and re-work them. We performed live very few times, and sadly the only recording of a live show I have cut off toward the end of the first track.

Per Wiberg joined us in 2017 to play keyboards, opening up our sound to new territories. The latest release, “Localized Pockets of Negative Entropy” has all four of us and a bit of Mattias Olsson as well. Later this year we release “The Extreme Limit.”

To research these guys, go check out Kungens Män, Automatism, Fanatism, Eye Make the Horizon, Lisa Ullén Trio, AAM, (oh and maybe Opeth…)

All at, recorded in garages and a bit at Mattias’ Roth Händle Studios. Here is a double-CD from Sista Maj, Series of Nested Universes


Other musical additions to the world on the web:

SHALE is Tom Shad and Jonathan Segel, with some help from Ralph Carney and others. A collaboration made on the web, sharing ideas back and forth!

Another recent thing I was working on was “remixes” of the Kitka Women’s Vocal Ensemble for their Remix Project. Find my additions HERE, scroll down, I’m there on the lower left.

Also in the midst of all this super psychedelia, I also played some mandolin and violin on Björn Brunnander’s new release, “Galler” on Poolhall Recordings, and played violin on a Townes Van Zandt song for the Lowlands (and friends) cover of his entire last performed set.

I also contributed some violin to Gong family folks Spirits Burning and Clearlight on the releases “Roadmap to Your Head” and “An Alien Heat

ØSC has toured through Denmark, Germany, Holland, Belgian, Austria and Switzerland in May 2016, and again in May 2018. Many of the shows are online to listen to at Some were recorded from the board to a multi-track, two of them sofar can be found on the Øresund Space Collective Bandcamp site, including the newest, Live in Berlin.

I also added a little “jazzy/ethnic” violin to “West, Space and Love, Volume II“!

And also a nice evening improvising at Larry’s Corner with Jair-Rohm Parker Wells, you can listen to that here on also.

As Scott Miller wrote in his song “720 Times Happier than the Unjust Man”:

“I fill my days with work because I am lazy

The way a coward is hungry to get in any fight

That he can win”


Just so you remember:

Camper Van Beethoven, still alive and kicking after 35 years, has two recent albums “El Camino Real” (2014), and its 2013 companion “La Costa Perdida.” We also have two brand new songs premiering in the SyFy film Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! You can find the soundtrack CD HERE! 

Of course, also in 2014, Jonathan Segel’s “Shine Out” came out on CD and digital. Physical copies are now sold out.

Check here for info and music: SHINE OUT


Here’s an interview and review at Music Web Express 3000!  This site is great, there are tons of great interviews, check it out! And you can learn about the making of the above-mentioned albums.

I had a vernissage for my artwork, drawings I had done while riding on the subways around Stockholm, at Larry’s Corner (Grindsgatan 35, Stockholm) in November 2015. I have soem prints that I will sell while on tour anywhere. Check them out on the ART page! Also, I played some spacey odd music while I had the space, most of it is collected here on ARCHIVE.ORG

Though admittedly not all of it may be listenable!

Almost all of my own music is on the Bandcamp page at

More music may be on its way.  Who knows? I sort of thought that Superfluity might be my last slew of songs, but you never know.  More superfluous art.

Find me talking on The Partially Examined Life, episode 115, about Schopenhauer and aesthetics, and with Victor Krummenacher on episode 118 about songwriting, reality, authenticity, that sort of thing.

Omnivore Recordings, who recently rereleased Camper Van Beethoven‘s 1988 and 89 albums “Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart” and “Key Lime Pie” released an expanded verison of our 2004 ‘comeback’ album, “New Roman Times” in February!

(And check this out: there are even more extras available for download from

Camper Van

The Shine Out CD and digital release is only available at the above links. It’s now on iTunes HERE. There are only a few copies of the CD itself right now, will be available on-demand from Finetunes through Amazon.

One thing to note if ordering is that I am in Europe, so I can send CDs from here (but please include a bit of postage) but I did leave a bunch on the west coast with Victor Krummenacher, so hopefully he can send some if they go to the US.

Also recently added: Horsehoes & Hand Grenades, a “greatest hits” (or misses, as it were) digital package of songs from the past 25 years of Jonathan Segel albums… dip a toe in the water and see where it may lead you, it’s a good place to start with the 25 years of rock music. I haven’t yet made a compilation of the “other” stuff….

Camper Van Beethoven finished a good long while of playing shows in 2013 and 2014 promoting the CDs “La Costa Perdida” and “El Camino Real” out now on Savoy/429 Records!  See here to get it on Amazon .   here for iTunes!

The newer  CD, “El Camino Real“, is the companion to “La Costa Perdida”, mostly concerning Southern California (where La Costa is about the Northern part!)…Out June 3rd 2014!

When not touring, Jonathan lives in Stockholm and is adjusting to living in Europe (see blog entries) and sits in as a guest sometimes for shows with The Plastic Pals or Gösta Berlings Saga or maybe someone else… (sat in with Built To Spill  even.)

All Attractions and Apricot Jam were both released in 2012, the physical package was a 2-disc set with both, out of print now, we did print up a second batch of the CDs as individual packages. Currently they are sold out,  but digital is available at or from CDBaby or even from iTunes, or of course you could look in the merch piles at any Camper Van Beethoven show.

The Jonathan Segel band has played shows at every Cracker/Camper Van Beethoven Annual Camp-Out, Numbers ONE through FOURTEEN in Pioneertown, and there is audio available to listen for free on, even some video of the 2012 show on YouTube. Soon there may be audio or video of the 2013 or 2014 or 2017 or 2018 show.

Here’s audio from the acoustic-guitars-through-echoes improvisation from Camp-Out XIV, Sept 1 2018

Chris Pedersen, Victor Krummenacher and I:

Here’s a recent live set, improvised in its entirety at Larry’s Corner in Stockholm, Sept 26 2017

Victor Krummenacher on bass, Mattias Olsson on drums.

Here’s more live chaos, Chris Pedersen on drums and Victor Krummenacher on bass:

musician. real person. that's my real name, go ahead, look me up.

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