Hello world!

i don’t really know if i will write here regularly, but if i do, look out.

musician. real person. that's my real name, go ahead, look me up.

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One comment on “Hello world!
  1. EG says:


    Thanks for writing this — it’s the best thing I’ve seen yet on Mark.

    We met in 1998 at a rehearsal out near Sprouses Corner and couldn’t believe that you’d joined the band — I was a big fan of Camper and though it was amazing that you joined. I remember the cats (Jimmy Stewart and Robert Mitchum) and their dogs (Otis, Sweet Pea) and of courses their two horses King and Scout.

    When my band recorded down in Asheville with Scott Minor in 2005-2006 Mark came by the studio for some computer help. He loaned me his amazing 30s era Gibson to record with in exchange for some basic stuff, although why he asked me (when Scott Minor was present) is beyond me. He and I would occasionally talk over the years every time a problem arose and it was always great to catch up and hear his voice.

    I hope you are well, and thanks again for writing that.

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